Friday, August 7, 2009

Can exercise firm breast tissue?

Can exercise firm breast tissues??
Don't we wish!!!
When you exercise, you're working the pectoral muscles that lay over your rib cage and under your breasts. Since the pectorals support your breast tissue, YES, if you tone them up, your breasts may look a little higher.
Unfortunately, for most of us, the effect is minimal. You'll have to pump a tremendous amount of iron to create a significant change in your appearance, and it won't improve the firmness of the breast itself, since the breast tissue is not muscle. The truth is our breast are composed of milk glands, fat and other fibrous tissue. Each breast is given its shape by membranes called Cooper's Ligaments. without the support of a good bra, these cone-shaped ligaments will stretch and lose their elasticity, resulting in permanent sagging.
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Most people has a misconception a loose fitting bra is the most comfortable

Comparison Figure

Wrong posture

We always have a misconception that a loose fitting bra is the most comfortable.

What is the correct way of wearing the right bra?

The Truth is , the most comfortable bra is the one that fits firmly not loose bra that like a piece of clothe wrap around our body. Our bra work 14-16 hours a day to lift the bust and hold the body. With the active lifestyle we need performance from our bras. Constantly readjust and loose, baggy bra is irritating to you and your body, also embarrassing.

A firm fitting bra should give you a feeling of security like being held and supported. Once you put on your bra, you shouldnt have to think about it again. It doesn't shift, It supports and evenly distributes the weight of the breast and results in increased comfort, even then the longest day. It lifts the breast as if it's a natural part of you body.

Why Women prefer to wear a loose bra more than tighter bra that actually hugging their bust evenly? Because they are not wearing the bra correctly or it always wearing the wrong size bra.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Neubodi Sept 09' Wanita Advertorial

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